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Fillings are an excellent way to treat cavities caused by tooth decay and are one of the most common procedures performed at the dentist’s office. Amrit Basi, DMD, and the team at Central Dental Care provide patients in Tracy, California, with white fillings that improve the cosmetic element of the traditional dental filling. To learn more about how white fillings can improve your smile, schedule a visit to Central Dental Care today by calling the office or booking an appointment online.

White Fillings Q & A

What is a filling?

A filling is a treatment for a cavity caused by tooth decay. During the procedure, your dentist uses a drill to remove all of the decay from your tooth, then uses a special material to fill up the resulting hole. Filling your cavity seals off your tooth from further decay and improves your overall oral health. 

What is a white filling?

There are a variety of suitable materials for dental fillings, but the team at Central Dental Care offers its patients white fillings, which provide your restoration with some aesthetic advantages.

Unlike silver fillings, white fillings are made from a tooth-colored composite resin that looks just like the color of your tooth enamel. This gives your filling the appearance of a natural tooth, enabling your dentist to treat your cavity and restore your smile without compromising its cosmetic integrity. 

Your dentist can also use this white filling material to cosmetically improve your smile, even if you don’t have a cavity. Some of the ways they can enhance your smile with white filling material include:

  • Reshaping misshapen teeth
  • Augmenting teeth that are too small
  • Filling in the space between widely spaced teeth

In this way, white fillings essentially function as a substitute for veneers.

Does it hurt to get a filling?

When you get a filling, the team of professionals at Central Dental Care uses local anesthesia to numb your tooth and its surrounding tissues. This should minimize any discomfort and provide you with a pain-free experience. 

What are the signs that I have a cavity?

There are some telltale signs that you have a cavity that needs a filling, such as:

  • Spontaneous toothache
  • Pain in your tooth when you bite down or eat
  • Increased sensitivity in your teeth
  • Visible holes in the surface of your tooth
  • Black, brown, or white stains on your tooth

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment with Central Dental Care immediately. The team of dental professionals can treat your decay and fill your cavity with a quick and easy office visit. Schedule your appointment today by phone or online.